Painting by Perth Hills artist Georgia Efford.

WA Tree Festival is underway

Up to 50 local governments, including cities of Swan and Kalamunda, are participating in the festival to promote the value of trees.
April 4, 2024

THE third annual WA Tree Festival is underway with events held across the state from Saturday, April 6 to Sunday, May 5. 

The festival was officially launched last Wednesday, March 27, in the Kings Park Botanic Garden but events won’t start until this weekend. 

This year up to 50 local governments, including the cities of Swan and Kalamunda, are participating, each with an assortment of events aimed to share the value of trees. 

Events and activities cover a range of topics, including highlighting the importance of daily connections to nature, and the often-invisible benefits trees provide, to understanding issues around tree canopy loss, climate change and how everyone can help. 

As part of the festival, some of the participating local councils are also offering free tree and plant giveaways, dependent on stock. 

From April 12 until the end of the festival the City of Kalamunda is set to host artist Georgia Efford’s newest exhibition ‘Nature and Time’ at the Zig Zag Gallery. 

In addition to the exhibition, Ms Efford will also run several events throughout the month, both free and paid, discussing art, creativity, and nature. 

While on April 18, local habitat gardener and passionate bird watcher Rachel Green will host an event at the High Wycombe library called ‘How to attract more birds to your garden’, a follow up to her husband Mike’s bird watching last month.  

The City of Swan has also organised several events as part of the festival including a worm farming workshop on the morning of Saturday, April 13, at the Verdant Vista Community Garden.  

Another workshop on how to grow fruit trees in small spaces will be hosted at the Old Midland Courthouse on the evening of Wednesday, April 24.

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