A selection of artworks. Picture: Ruby Austin

Where imagination meets metal

Artist Vince Austin's newest solo exhibition creates a new world of metallic magic.
June 13, 2024

STEP into The Powerhouse at the Midland Railway Workshops to experience ‘Metallic Morphology’, the latest solo exhibition by artist Vince Austin that will run from Friday, June 14 to Sunday, June 23 from 11am to 3pm daily.

Prepare to encounter a menagerie of metallic creations; ballerinas, a spider, a flamingo, a time consumer and a retro-futuristic robot on a skateboard, just a few of the sculptural fantasies rendered in metal, that will be on display.

“A number of the works have a touch of social commentary to impart, many have whimsical (and suggestive) titles and none of the works are aimed at matching the couch or the curtains unless their palette is of brass, copper, leather and jarrah,” Mr Austin said.

“My current artistic urge embraces the ethos of ‘steampunk’; the exquisite marriage of brass, copper, leather and wood in the manifestation of Victorian futurism. I have been exploring this recipe for around 10 years now and draw on a variety of skills including metal work, woodwork and innovative fixing/joining techniques.

“I am overwhelmed by the notion that my creative works can be considered as the only one of its precise nature existing in the known universe.

“There are absolute minimums in standards, finishing, quality and longevity. I choose to aim for the maximum within my reach, a subtle balance of time, resource and enthusiasm, for this opportunity and privilege I am holistically grateful.”

Almost in a genre of its own, ‘Metallic Morphology’ delivers over 25 new works, some multimedia mayhem from the past, and a number of pieces that appear to be from the future, all of which are fashioned utilising skill sets in a variety of mediums honed over 35 years of experience - including aero engineering (RAF), product design and development, architectural model making, props and sets for film, television and theatre (including Lord of the Rings), university lecturer in animatronics and a stint as a bubble-ologist.

With sleek, shiny curves and intricate detailing, each sculpture tells a story of imagination, craftsmanship, and the boundless possibilities of artistic expression in metal. They are extremely time consuming to make featuring found objects and hidden meanings.

All works are for sale.

More info at Vince's website.

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