Lily LaTorre as Annie with Runt, aka rescue dog Squid. Picture: Court McAllister.

York a filmmaking mecca with Runt 

York has been a hub of filmmaking recently with the filming of Runt and The Twelve.
July 4, 2024
Mike Peeters

THE much-anticipated second instalment of the Binge series The Twelve and the movie Runt are just two filmmaking success stories to come out of York in the past year.

The second season of the award-winning series The Twelve will have its July 11 world premiere on Binge, with new episodes being released weekly.

Set in the rural WA township of Tunkwell (York), the second series is a world away from the urban city landscapes of season one.

When local landowner and respected town matriarch Bernice Price (Kris McQuade), is found dead at the bottom of her farm’s pump well, two ex-lovers stand accused of her murder.

To decide the fate of the accused, 12 ordinary citizens from diverse backgrounds are selected from the township and its surrounds.

Was Bernice the victim of a crime of passion, a workplace accident or simply misfortune?

Acclaimed actor Sam Neill returns to reprise his role as Brett Colby SC, and the second season also stars Frances O’Connor, Tasma Walton, Kris McQuade and Amy Mathews.

Runt, based on West Australian author Craig Silvey’s best-selling novel and mainly shot in the wheatbelt town, is due for national cinema release on September 19, 2024.

A delightful Australian family film that blends heartfelt moments with humour, Runt tells the story of eleven-year-old Annie Shearer (Lily LaTorre) and her best friend Runt, an adopted stray.

In the film, Runt competes against pedigree dogs in agility trials and faces the evil intentions of an unscrupulous English dog breeder Fergus Fink (Matt Day).

Directed by multi-award-winning director John Sheedy, Runt brings together an all-star Australian cast including Jai Courtney, Celeste Barber, Deborah Mailman, Matt Day and Jack Thompson.

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