Last week’s cultural burn in York.

York cultural burn a success

The burns work to preserve cultural heritage but also safeguard the ecology and reduce risk of future disasters.
May 30, 2024

IN a step towards cultural and environmental preservation, the first traditional Aboriginal cultural burning of the season was successfully conducted in the Shire of York.

Two cultural burns took place last week on the east bank of the Gogulyar Bilya/Avon River and on Wongborel/Mt Brown on Wednesday.

This important initiative was conducted under the supervision of DFES personnel, ensuring safety with fire trucks on standby.

The project received grant funding through the National Disaster Risk Reduction Program and was supported by the WA State Emergency Management Committee.

“These burns mark a proactive approach to land management, integrating traditional practices with modern emergency management strategies,” a shire spokesperson said.

They said such collaborations not only preserve cultural heritage but also enhance ecological health and reduce the risk of future disasters.

“We thank the Ballardong Elders and community, bushfire and volunteer fire and rescue personnel, representatives of the river conservation and wildflower societies and all involved for their dedication,” the spokesperson said.

“The success of these burns sets a positive precedent for future cultural and environmental conservation efforts.”

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