Eliza at the DMIA competitions last week.

Young dancer reaches for the stars

Kalamunda hosted the Dance Masters International Australia Showtime competition last week showcasing young dance talents.
June 20, 2024
Jacki Elezovich

NINE year old Eliza Jordan competed at the Dance Masters International Australia (DMIA) Showtime competitions in Kalamunda last week, winning second place for her solo jazz performance.

Eliza has been dancing and competing in group routines since she was three years old, and said she loves expressing herself through dancing.

“I love leaping and flying,” she said.

Her mother Amy Jordan said she loves seeing her daughter involved in the sport and seeing Eliza’s pride in achieving after putting in months of hard work.

The DMIA competitions took over the Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre last weekend with competition categories running over the full two days.

A wide variety of disciplines were showcased throughout the competition weekend, competed by a range of age groups from preschool kids to adults.

DMIA is a WA-based organisation working to promote dance in all disciplines across the state and keep kids involved in social sports such as dancing.

The Showtime competition is the biggest competition of the year for DMIA’s theatrical dance sector, and dance teams came to Kalamunda from all over Perth and WA to compete in team, partnered and solo events.

Ms Jordan said the competition was full of supporters and family cheering on their young dancers.

Eliza competed in five disciplines, in both group and solo performances, including acrobatics, jazz and hip hop.

Ms Jordan said Eliza took up extra individual lessons before competitions for some additional coaching and spent all her spare after-school hours practicing her multiple dance routines at home.

Eliza was excited to win second place in her jazz solo performance, distinguishing her hard work and dedication to her art.

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