Liam Bryant and Nicola Kinnane on the set of Outstanding Young Performers.

Young filmmakers featured at international festival

Outstanding Young Performers will have two showings during the festival, on July 6 and July 9 at Backlot Cinema and Luna Palace Cinemas, respectively.
June 27, 2024

TWO young Perth filmmakers will be featured in Revelation International Film Festival’s short films showcase this year.

Nicola Kinnane and Liam Bryant co-directed, produced and starred in the short film Outstanding Young Performers, which focusses on a pair of friends, Shaun and Lisa, who are trying to pitch their film script to a party full of young creatives.

Kinnane was also a finalist for City of Swan’s 2024 Young Community Citizen of the year for assembling the film’s mostly LGBTIQA+ cast and crew. She said she was flattered to be recognised.

The short will have two screenings as part of Revelation’s 2024 short films showcase.

Kinnane said it was a journey to get their work to the big screen, but a process both she and Liam found new passion in.

“It was a busy but rewarding time for both of us, we were really passionate about getting this project off the ground and everyone we worked with on it was so happy to be there and so talented,” she said.

“We had a small cast and crew, and we funded production through crowdfunding campaigns and events like a quiz night, and from that we were able to pay cast and crew.

“A lot of opportunities, particularly in Perth and in short films, are unpaid, so we felt really good about being able to thank people for their time and support in that way.”

Revelation festival will open on July 3 and run for two weeks, giving a host of lower budget films and Australian filmmaking talent their moment in the spotlight.

Bryant said he was new to the director’s role and being able to be part of a team with Nicola helped make him more confident.

“I think, especially if you’re new to the directing and writing scene like I am, having someone to bounce ideas and creative choices off is invaluable.

“You tend to doubt yourself sometimes when you don’t need to, and having someone you’re creatively close with to back you up is great.”

The pair also co-wrote the film, and Bryant said their experiences in their final semester of study at WAAPA inspired the idea for the short.

“We wanted to make something that made ourselves laugh first, because at the end of the day if we’re passionate about it and we love it, everyone else’s opinions are secondary,” he said.

“Completely building something from the ground up that we were so passionate about, and that was completely our own I think redefined my comfort zone for my creativity, and it inspired a new love of the whole filmmaking process for me.”

Liam said working with a diverse group of filmmakers and actors was a non-negotiable they established in the earliest stages of production.

“We had a great diverse team from all kinds of creative backgrounds who could lend their expertise in wonderful ways.

“We wanted to give creatives in Perth who might not get lots of opportunities a chance to shine. Having that impact on a creative team and the on-set experience was something special for us.”

“Outstanding Young Performers will have two showings during the festival, on July 6 and July 9 at Backlot Cinema and Luna Palace Cinemas, respectively.

Tickets are available on the Revelation festival website:

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