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The Mission Australia-run service is the only youth specific withdrawal unit in Western Australia.
March 7, 2024

THE Drug and Alcohol Youth Service (DAYS) youth withdrawal and respite service (YWRS) provides a safe and supported short stay residential environment for young people who wish to manage their withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs or take time out from environmental influences and pressures.

The Mission Australia-run service is the only youth specific withdrawal unit in Western Australia, accommodating up to eight young people in a residential setting for up to 21 days, with an average stay of 14 days.

DAYS youth residential rehabilitation is a 10-bed residential rehabilitation program that assists young people from across WA who identify as wanting longer term residential treatment for their substance use.

Both DAYS residential services provide a 24 hour, seven days a week program and offer intensive support through case management, counseling, and educational groups in areas such as substance abuse, legal issues and health.

Group sessions on confidence, self-esteem, anger management and conflict resolution are also provided.
There is also access to a range of recreational activities. Physical and mental health issues are supported and monitored throughout the young person’s stay through support of the DAYS clinical team of doctors, nurses and psychiatrists.

Young people also develop the skills necessary for independent living – including budgeting, cooking, cleaning, washing and all other related skills.

DAYS residential rehabilitation is currently open for referrals and you can call 08 9222 6300 to talk to a DAYS staff member or go to their website to access a referral form.

For referral forms or enquiries email reception at

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