Hobbyist heaven in Herne Hill

The property previously used for growing wine grapes has a separate shed with three-phase and single electricity connections.
November 16, 2023

BUILT in 1965, this three-bedroom and one-and-a-half bathroom home in Herne Hill offers the potential buyer a blast from the past.

The open, country-style rooms contain ornate ceilings and carpeted floors, and the living room provides plenty of space for family get-togethers.

The living room also contains a gas heater, with the property connected to natural gas. A reverse-cycle airconditioner helps keep the home cool in summer, and an abundance of built in cupboards provide plenty of storage options for the new owners.

Aside from the main bathroom, there is also a second shower in the laundry and another toilet outside.

There is also an enclosed veranda – the perfect spot to unwind and relax during the afternoon, or to start  your day with a cuppa in the morning.

Situated on 4ha, the property was previously used for growing wine grapes, and also contains mango, lemon, macadamia, almond and pomegranate trees – perfect to keep family members with a green thumb occupied.

The property also comes with a garage, double carport and a separate shed, which already contains three-phase and single electricity connections.

Renovators will be kept busy with pool area, as the property contains provisions for a swimming pool, however, the old one must be removed first – allowing a blank slate for the buyer to create the area of their dreams.

Buyers with children won’t have to worry about a long school commute – Herne Hill Primary School is opposite the property, with the high school bus stop a short walk around the corner.

200 Argyle Street, Herne Hill
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