Midland modernity and convenience

The central hub of Midland is but a walk away from this convenient dwelling.
May 23, 2024

WALK into this pleasant limestone neighbourhood right in the heart of Midland.

This modern dwelling places the occupant within walking distance to Midland Gate shopping centre and the new Midland train station connecting your home to the face of the area’s latest advancement in transport convenience.

This property has two bedrooms and one bathroom with built in robes and a large shower.

The open-plan kitchen allows ease of access from the living and dining area, with modern appliances to facilitate all the culinary needs when it’s mealtime.

Prep work can be a breeze with the central island bench where ingredients can be neatly organised and prepared, and the dishwasher can help cut down on clean up time as well.

The unit is accessed by stairs leading to the top floor, with a sunny balcony to enjoy the afternoon vista.

On hotter days, the unit is fitted with air-conditioning to keep all inhabitants at a comfortable temperature.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with a property secured within a gated complex.

Parking is also secured within the complex but if walking is your main or preferred mode of transportation, the area is completely accessible on foot, too.

To the south of the property, Curtin’s Midland campus is just a 16-minute walk away for any students looking to cut down on travel time.

CrossFit gyms and standard commercial gyms also surround the area and take less than 20 minutes to walk to.

Additionally, GP services, physiotherapy, and St John of God hospital are also within the walking range mentioned above, providing ease of access to essential services, and ensuring all aspects of health are covered.

10/4 Cale Street, Midland
From $399,000

Real Estate Plus
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