John Sinnott from the Wheatkings puts his team up 8-6. Picture: Cassandra Edwards

Beavers end Grizzlies’ winning streak

A four week winning streak has come to an end for the Grizzlies in the summer ice hockey league.
November 9, 2023
James Versluis

THE only thing better than a winning streak, for some, is watching it come to an end – which the Beavers did to the Grizzlies 2-1 on Sunday night.

The Grizzlies have become known as a team able to absolutely blow teams out of the water, mostly by the hands of Jordy Kyros and Scott Hillier.

Grizzlies have become known as a team primarily focused on offence, however the Beavers managed to put them on the back-foot on Sunday thanks to the goal scoring efforts of Kev Crook and Liam Jefferies, and defensive efforts of the whole team.

The Beavers managed to keep the Grizzlies to a single goal, ending their winning streak and creating a new rivalry in the process.

Meanwhile, the Wolves continue to struggle with a 6-2 loss to the Elk. Despite a strong team on paper, the Wolves are struggling to find form this summer season.

Finlay Gordon did his best for the Wolves, finding the net twice – however the team couldn’t do much about the onslaught of goals from Sam Lamb, Charlie Ross and Brayden Maybee.

Worth mentioning that the Wolves have been without their regular goalkeeper, Marcus Henderson, for most of the opening rounds. His return may help add a little bit of consistency back to the team.

While Andrew Cox did his best to carry the Moose to a win, with a four-goal effort – the Wheatkings had five different goal scorers contributing to their 8-6 win.

Once Kyle McWalter and his Wheatkings shut Cox down, it was John Sinnot and Jamie McDonnell who sealed the win for the Wheatkings.

The recent PSL matchups have certainly added a dash of unpredictability to the league, with the Beavers ending the Grizzlies’ winning streak, the Wolves facing ongoing challenges, and the Wheatkings making a strong comeback after a rough couple of rounds.

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