The 2023 Avon Descent's fastest solo paddler Ben Carrick. Picture: Faze Photography

Boldy and Phillips first paddlers over the line

Just under 500 competitors took part in the 2023 Avon Descent.
August 17, 2023

WITH just under 500 competitors and 300 volunteers, the 2023 Avon Descent has finished, with Noah Boldy and Jesse Phillips the first paddlers to cross the line and fastest team of two, finishing at 09.28.00.

Sarah Major was the fastest female solo paddler, finishing with a time of 13.17.41, as the fastest all-female team of two Jazmin Shipway Carr and Paige Wood completed the race in 11.24.12.

Ben Carrick retained his title of fastest solo paddler for the second year in a row, finishing with a time of 09.35.25.

The fastest team of four paddlers was the Roy Hill Olympians Challenge Team, finishing in 11.09.15, with team Kingford talking out the fastest double ski category with a time of 12.19.31.

Kris Parnell and Tyron Wilson were crowned fast power dinghy (10hp sports category), finishing at 02.02.37 while fastest mini jet went to Jake Whately and Troy Rowe, finishing in 02.39.40.

This year was the 50th anniversary of the whitewater event.

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