Wheat King Jimmy Kershaw takes on the Outlaws defence. Picture: Cassandra Edwards

Crusaders prove too tough for the Elk

The Wheat Kings put an end to the Outlaws’ winning streak by keeping superstar David Kudla absent on the scoresheet.
December 7, 2023

A MEAN-looking Crusaders squad went head-to-head with a quick Elk on Sunday, grinding their way back to a 5-3 win.

Elk defenseman, Harry Jackson, caught the Crusaders snoozing – putting his team up by two goals early in the first with a couple of fantastic individual efforts.

After rectifying their defensive woes, Crusader Julien Tardiff scored the only goal in the second, making the game a 2-1 affair – followed by Ben Kelly scoring early in the third to even things up.

Josh Macnamara briefly put the Elk back up by one, before Tardiff quickly answered by slotting his second of the night – tying things up again.

With 2.55 left on the clock, Crusader Bruce Ross threw a cross-rink pass at James Versluis, who turned on the jets, scoring a bar-down goal against the Elk.

A late empty-netter effort from Crusader Ben Kelly put things to bed, as a battered Elk headed to the change rooms.

Earlier, the Moose, who have been struggling a bit this season, changed their fortunes as they cruised past the Grizzlies in a 6-4 victory.

Despite Jordy Kyros trying to put the Grizzlies on his back with a four-goal effort, it was the combined effort of Moose Andrew Cox, Rodney Arnold, Nick Brolin, and Mason Kenzle sharing the scoring responsibilities who proved too good for the Grizzlies.

While the Grizzlies were the ones to beat in the first couple of rounds, it seems that teams are starting to wise up to their tactics.

The Wheat Kings have put an end to the Outlaws’ winning streak by keeping superstar David Kudla absent on the scoresheet.

The Outlaws couldn’t find an answer for Wheat Kings’ Jimmy Kershaw and Jaymie McDonnell – who scored two goals each.

The Outlaws found a second wind late in the third, with Rhys Holdman and Roan Spence putting the Outlaws back within one.

But the Wheat Kings clogged up their defensive zone, giving the Outlaws no space to get their game plan going, leading to a 4-3 victory.

This Sunday the Outlaws take on the Beavers, the Grizzlies will challenge the Wolves before the Mallards round out the night with a game against Moose.

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