Mundaring recorded a comfortable win over Bullsbrook, who suffered a significant injury.

Depleted Bullsbrook fall to Mundaring

A serious injury and a depleted midfield for Bullsbrook helped Mundaring to victory in round 15 of the HFA.
August 10, 2023
Brian Pallister

MUNDARING have recorded a comfortable 85-point victory over Bullsbrook 15.15 (105) to 2.8 (20), as Bullsbrook struggled with a depleted midfield alongside one of their players suffering a serious injury.

The game came to a sudden halt ten minutes into the second quarter as one of the Saints players sustained what could be a career ending leg break. The rest of the quarter was lost while the ambulance officers did a fantastic job in stabilising the injury and getting him off to hospital.

Both captains agreed to play out the second half with two reduced quarters, but the Saints players started to tire as their numbers were down to sixteen.

The injury did no favours for Bullsbrook, who were under the pump right from the start of the game.

The Roos opened up with a couple of quick goals before the Saints could enter their forward line. Roo Austin Thomas roamed his half forward line picking up multiple possessions, getting the ball in deep where brother Clayton Thomas finished off with multiple goals.

Sam Butler was tasked with ruck duties for the Roos against James Thompson in the absence of Kyle Tenardi. It was a fairly even contest, although it was Roos Dylan O’Loghlen and Braeden Hilgert who were reading the taps better and clearing the ball.

The Saints midfield was depleted with a couple of their regulars out of the line-up, as their forward entries were unfortunately squandered with errant disposals when within range.

The second quarter started off the same before the serious injury, with the Roos backline holding firm as Matthew Pittaway intercepted several Saints entries, and fellow backman Daniel Thomas ran the ball out and delivered it deep into his forward line.

The Saints battled hard with no available rotations. Roos Tyler Levett had a run in the ruck allowing Sam Butler to go forward and goal, before they switched and it was Tyler’s turn to goal when changing back forward.

Saint Rory Crosby had his hands full with the constant Roo attacks on goal, as teammate Brandon Ghirardi worked tirelessly all game with some solid support from captain Jaiden Fernie and James Thompson. Bullsbrook will face Chidlow next week, as Mundaring will take on ladder leaders Pickering Brook.

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