The Ellenbrook Easterns division five side is through to the grand final after their win against the Vikings.

Ellenbrook Easterns straight into grand final

Ellenbrook Eastern Softball Club are in the Perth Softball League (D5) grand final after a win over the Vikings.
September 7, 2023

THE Ellenbrook Easterns are straight into the 2023 men’s winter seniors softball (division five) grand final after beating the Madeley-based Vikings 8-6.

Triston Bergmann started the game on the pine jumping on first as the first base coach.

Blake Jarvey hit a huge home run at his first at-bat.

Pitcher Jason Weppner had two double plays to get the team out of a couple of long fielding digs.

Weppner moved to the bench for Bergmann to jump into the game on the final dig with the side being two runs down.

With a couple of quick runs across the plate the game was at a tie, Bergmann was next at-bat with two outs. He came to the plate and smashed a massive drive down first, bringing two runners home for the side to secure the win and head straight to the grand final.

The grand final is on Sunday, September 17 at Mirrabooka Softball Complex.

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