The Ellenbrook Easterns division 5 men’s team celebrate their grand final win at Mirrabooka Softball Complex.

Ellenbrook Easterns win flag

Ellenbrook Easterns have topped off a stellar season by winning the grand final.
September 21, 2023

THE Ellenbrook Easterns division 5 men’s team capped off an excellent winter season with a 10-8 win in the grand final against the Cockburn Cougars.

The game was played at Mirrabooka Softball Complex and the Easterns were listed as the home team starting the game fielding against the Cougars.

Matt Downey started on the bench for the Easterns, controlling third base as third base coach with Peter Meach on the pine and division 5 team manager Gary Weppner directing traffic on first base as first base coach.

Gavin Weppner stopped a massive hit by catching a ball about to go over the fence in the outfield with Cockburn going three-up three-down.

When it was the Easterns turn to bat they came out blazing in the first innings smashing on 4 runs and getting through the first eight batters.

With a solid start in the first innings the Easterns were in their groove with some banter back and forth from both sides but Ellenbrook kept their cool and played their own game.

Their pitcher Steve Holmes, who was named the MVP on the day, delivered an exceptional game, pitching brilliantly and even smashing a huge home run.

With a couple of innings to go Pete Meach and Matt Downey entered the game with Gavin Weppner and Triston Bergmann swapping out.

The Cougars started to find some rhythm, putting on a few runs before the Easterns short stop Jason Weppner landed a tag out at second.

With only their second season in men’s softball for Ellenbrook Easterns, the division 5 men’s team had a 92 per cent win ratio this season compared with the Cougars 47 per cent, the Vikings 56 per cent and Joondalup 53 per cent, according to Perth Softball League statistics.

Out of the 18 games played the Easterns finished with 16 wins and one draw.

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