Dominic Gomes creating an offensive opportunity. Picture: Cassandra Edwards

Ice hockey week-five wrap up

Another action-packed week has gone by in the Perth Summer Ice Hockey League.
November 16, 2023

SUNDAY night ice hockey saw Elk managing to just scrape by the Beavers in a hard fought game that was won 6-5 in overtime.

The same night saw the Crusaders also beat Moose 4-3 in another close game, as a late surge from Moose almost led to a different outcome.

Earlier in the week, the Grizzlies fell to the Elk 3-4 on Wednesday night.

Wednesday night also saw the Beavers defence hold true against the Crusaders, leaving them scoreless as they walked away with two goals.

The winless Mallards remained so on Thursday night, losing by one point to the Wheat Kings in a 1-2 game.

The injury prone Moose struggled against the Outlaws, who put on a show – finishing the game 6-4.

Week six Sunday night hockey sees the Outlaws take on the Wolves, the Grizzlies face the Wheat Kings before the night ends with the Crusaders up against Elk.

The games will start at 5pm at Perth Ice Arena in Malaga.

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