The Wolves react to Wormald’s second goal of the night. Picture: Cassandra Edwards

Moose down Grizzlies in hockey thriller

After a couple of unlucky injuries early on in the season the Moose might be getting back on track with an upset win against the Grizzlies.
December 21, 2023

THE Moose have turned a tough season around with a 5-3 upset win over the Grizzlies in the final week of the Perth Summer Ice Hockey league before the Christmas break.

On paper, the Moose looked to dominate, however after a couple of unlucky injuries early on in the season, they’ve really struggled.

However, after Sunday’s game, it looks like the Moose might finally be getting back on track as their ability to capitalise on scoring opportunities and their solid defensive play allowed them to secure the win and leave the Grizzlies stunned.

The Moose completely shut down Grizzlies superstars Jordy Kyros, Scott Hillier, and Tony Tay, with Moose stars Grant Humestone (2 goals), Mason Kenzle (3 goals), and Brad Young (1 goal) getting to work.

Time will tell if the Moose can keep this up, but for right now, they’re a very exciting team to watch.

After a couple of hit-and-miss games, the Elk are winning again without Sam and Richie Lamb, dominating the Wolves 6-2.

The Elk almost appeared to be scoring at will, with Brayden Maybee scoring 5 of the 6 goals. Despite a pair of goals from Jesse Wormald, the Elk cruised their way to another win.

The Crusaders faced off against the Outlaws in a nailbiter, with the Outlaws just inching over the line in a 4-3 game.

The Crusaders seemed unmotivated for the majority of the game, despite Livan Du Toit and James Versluis scoring an early goal, they seemed to sit on their heels a bit, as the Outlaws pushed.

After the Outlaws tied things up, the Crusaders seemed to wake up – going up by one again. A late defensive mishap from captain Kevin Matieu allowed the Outlaws to tie the game up – eventually going on to win in shootouts.

The Perth Summer League is entering its final week, with games on Wednesday and Thursday night, before going on a break until January 7, 2024.

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