Joe Dixon celebrating a top-cheese goal. Picture: Cassandra Edwards

Outlaws down the Beavers in overtime stunner 

Despite being up three goals in the final 10 minutes, complacency may have struck as they fell to the Outlaws.
November 30, 2023
James Versluis

SUNDAY night saw the Outlaws pull an unlikely comeback against the Beavers, finishing the game 8-7.

It all looked smooth sailing for the Beavers late in the third, who were up by three goals with 10 minutes left.

However, a bit of complacency may have set in, leading to three quick goals from the Outlaws – levelling the match, and sending it into overtime.

After a scoreless overtime, Outlaws captain David Kudla scored the winner in the round four shoot-out.

Earlier, the Elk continued their domination of the league, winning 3-1 against the Wheat Kings thanks to goals from Sam Lamb, Richie Lamb, and Bryan Maybee.

Pundits can be quick to attribute the Elk’s success to youth in the side, however this is far from the case.

While Sam Lamb, Brayden Maybee and Charlie Ross make the odd appearance on the score sheet, the likes of Richie Lamb and Bryan Maybee seem to be making the biggest impact for the side.

The Elk lead for the entire game against the slumping Wheat Kings – whose bench discord could be heard from the bar.

The day’s triple-header was rounded out with the Wolves facing Moose, who walked away victorious 5-3.

Wolves’ Josh Healy, Corey Boutin, Keith Telfer and Richie Peters finished with goals to their name, as the Moose continued to struggle to find their form.

Perth Summer Ice Hockey league matches take place Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday at Perth Ice Arena in Malaga, with Sunday games starting at 5pm.

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