A solid fourth-quarter performance saw Pickering Brook claim their first grand final victory in the Hills Football Association.

Pickering Brook 2023 HFA grand final winners

A solid fourth-quarter performance saw Pickering Brook claim their first grand final victory in the HFA.
September 14, 2023
Brian Pallister

A CROWD of more than 800 people turned up to Chidlow oval to watch the Pickering Brook Hawks defeat the Chidlow Cougars 13.14 (92) to 9.8 (62) in the HFA grand final.

The day’s festivities started with a master’s game between the Jandakot Jets and the Pickering Brook Roos.

The Hawks came into the game after a week off with an extended list to choose from, whereas the Cougars had gotten to the day the hard way, unfortunately for them picking up several injuries along the way.

The two teams lined up for the National anthem which was performed by Elisa Wilson.

Hawks captain Mitchell Shilling won the toss and elected to kick to the southern end, with it only taking a couple of minutes before Michael Brescacin got them started with his first goal.

Cougar Adam McKinlay was in for a challenging day having to ruck against the tag team of Rowan Arnott and Jackson Shilling, while Steven Caccetta and Bradley Jetta impacted early with their pinpoint passes away from the stoppages for the Hawks.

A late goal to the Cougars had them within 11 points at the first break.

Hawk Jack Giancono found himself in open space on the wing, getting the ball forward into the strong hands of Tim McQuoid and John Armstrong.

Michael McKinlay was having to drop back to support his Cougar teammates Reece Forbes and Josh Liddle as the ball continued to enter the Hawks forward line.

At the main break the Hawks had extended their lead to 21 points which could have been more if not for some inaccuracy.

Chidlow stayed with the Hawks in the third quarter.

Cougar Luke Elliott managed to break away from the tight checking of opposition Luke Richards, while Jake Forman was on the receiving end of some accurate kicks from Cougar teammate Steven Schorer.

The Hawks radar continued to be off scoring more behinds than goals.

Mitchell Shilling linkied up with Andrew Giglia and Mitchell Johnston when clearing the ball down the wing and flank for the Hawks.

Both teams were starting to tire from the high tempo and relatively warm conditions.

Pickering Brook came home strong with their most accurate quarter for the game, as Jamie Soklich got onto the goal scorers list.

Hawks Mathew and Steven Outridge swooped on anything loose, with the team effort getting their first premiership by thirty points.

Hawk Bradley Jetta was awarded the Bob Gardiner medal (best on ground) for his solid four quarter game.

Everyone got involved on the day, particularly Mt Helena – it was great to see so many of their players there to help in all areas.

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