Elliot Pluess controlling the puck for the Grizzlies defence.

Summer ice hockey league face off begins

After three weeks the Grizzlies sit on top of the ladder in the Perth Summer Ice Hockey League.
October 26, 2023
Gera Kazakov

THE Perth Summer Ice Hockey League 2023-24 season has started at Perth Ice Arena in Malaga.

The league has entered its 13th season with the inclusion of a new team – the Mallards, bumping the number of teams in the league up to nine, and now including over 130 players.

The Mallards will be led by Kym White and Daniel Reis, who also captain the Bush Chooks in the winter league.

Now entering week three, the Grizzlies currently sit on top of the ladder, winning all four of the games they have played.

The Grizzlies won their last game 8-3 over Moose, while the Crusaders just fell short at 5-6 to Elk.

The Beavers are second, with two wins from two games, while Elk sit third after one win and two games went to overtime.

The Wolves sit fourth with one win, one loss and one overtime, while the Crusaders sit at fifth with one win and three losses.

Wheatkings are currently sixth, at one win and one loss from two games, as Outlaws sit seventh with the same results, falling behind on goals scored against.

Moose are second last, with two losses and a win from three games played, while newcomers Mallard sit at the bottom winless after three games.

On October 29 Elk take on Moose at 5pm, Wolves will challenge ladder leaders the Grizzlies at 6.15pm, and the Wheatkings and the Beavers will round out the night at 7.30pm.

Games are played Wednesday from 5pm, Thursday from 6.30pm and Sunday from 6.30pm at Perth Ice Arena.

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