Swan View took charge early and were never headed.

Swan View overcome Bullsbrook in round nine clash

Swan View got ahead early and couldn't be caught.
June 13, 2024
Brian Pallister

THE Swans wasted no time in getting on the scoreboard with a goal in the first two minutes in their 24.12 (156) to 2.2 (14) win over Bullsbrook.

Josh Hollingum cleared the ball forward from the centre ball up where Bradley Jetta marked and goaled.

Unfortunately for the Saints, whenever they did manage to go forward, they tended to break down at half forward.

Josh Morris showed dash running the ball forward where he was hitting up targets in Jordan Dyer and Boe Hyatt.

From there Shannon Fernando along with Jackson Ryan converted with goals.

A scoreless first quarter had the Saints trailing by 45 points, and Caleb Butler was having a great tussle with James Thompson in the ruck contests.

As the game wore on the Swans ‘small brigade’ - Josh Hollingum and Raniera Carpenter - began to read the drop of the ball better.

Soon, the Saints finally broke through for their first goal through Joshua Taylor after some strong work on the wing by Christian Huggins.

But this only slightly slowed down the Swans who ended the first half with twelve goals compared to the Saints’ one.

Swan View continued to drive the ball forward to register another seven goals to nil in the third quarter.

Harlee Fryer joined in the goal scoring, while Joseph Butler had a run up forward where he also contributed two goals.

The Saints finally managed their second goal of the game when Cameron Lewis tumbled the ball through, and Jaiden Fernie and Jett Brownlie threw themselves into the contests to try and lift the Saints.

Blair Gregson continued to battle away at fullback where he had several different opponents during the game, but the Swans were far too strong on the day with a big percentage-boosting win with eleven individual goal scorers.

Bradley Jetta enjoyed a big day out with six goals and multiple possessions around the ground, while Josh Hollingum continued his strong form and Christian Huggins battled all day for the Saints.

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