Bullsbrook were even with Swan View in the first quarter, before the Swans ran away with a 79 point victory.

Swans crush Bullsbrook’s finals hopes

Swan View have solidified their place in the finals after a dominant performance over Bullsbrook.
August 3, 2023
Brian Pallister

SWAN View have regained their momentum with a 79-point win over Bullsbrook 15.16 (106) to 4.3 (27), who needed a win to have any chance of reaching the finals.

The first quarter was an even affair with both teams turning the ball over and keeping it pretty much between the two half lines.

The rest of the game was a different story as the Swans gained momentum and limited the Saints avenues to goal.

Swan Josh Hollingum ducked, weaved and bounced his way forward to score a goal, quickly followed by another one.

The Saints backline was under constant pressure, as Rory Crosby and Dylan Bailey were doing their best to quell the flow of goals, which was relentless.

The match ball got stuck up a tree at one stage of the game, and went through three replacement balls before the umpires found a match ball they were happy with.

The return of Swan Caleb Butler in the ruck allowed teammate Jackson Ryan to play most of the game at full forward where he dominated, marking everything that came his way. Stevie Smith showed plenty of dash out of the middle for the Swans, while James Thompson and Jorden Healy battled hard around the stoppages for the Saints.

Brett McKinlay found space in the forward line for the Saints, but unfortunately the ball was being delivered to his feet, as Michael Bailey also worked hard to keep the ball in.

Swan View maintained control for the rest of the game with contributors all over the ground, with players Haiden Michaelson continuing to develop as a key backman, and Harlee Fryer and Joseph Butler both offering great support.

Saint Steven Bailey ran hard on the wing, continuously presenting as an option, and also managed to sneak forward to score a couple of valuable goals.

The Swans have finals to look forward too, while the Saints will be looking to end the season on a winning note.

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