Preseason games for Swan District’s WAFLW sides start this weekend. Picture: Blake Parry

WAFLW co-captains named for Swans Districts

The naming comes ahead of the Swans first pre-season WAFLW game against Subiaco on Sunday.
February 8, 2024
Chris Pike

PREPARATIONS are in full swing for the WAFLW season at Swan Districts with the leadership group voted upon and announced with Demi Liddle and Eliza Gelmi appointed as co-captains for 2024.

The naming comes ahead of the Swans first pre-season WAFLW game against Subiaco on Sunday.

It’s a new-look Swan Districts playing group in a lot of ways for the 2024 WAFLW season including a new coaching staff headed up by Ben Bowness.

After captain Jess Cox ruptured her ACL in 2023, two of the players who stepped up in her absence were Liddle and Gelmi, and they have now been appointed co-captains in 2024.

As well as Gelmi and Liddle being co-captains for the 2024 WAFLW season, Jaime Henry, Naomi Baker, Courtney Zappara and Hope Ugle-Hayward join them as part of the leadership team.

The leadership group for the Rogers Cup team has also been announced with Zuzanna Murawska named captain and Adi Griffith vice-captain.

The leadership team also includes Kaylee Myles, Nahala Hall and Gemma Sly.

Liddle gained experience last year having to be more of a leader at Swan Districts following Jess Cox rupturing her ACL and on the back of that she feels ready to step up as co-captain this season and is delighted to share the role with Eliza Gelmi.

“I’m absolutely stoked about it. A big part for me is that after being able to step up into the role last year when Jess unfortunately went down, that gave me the opportunity to prove to myself that I could potentially do it,” Liddle said.

Having missed a significant period of time in preparation for the season ahead, Gelmi did find herself a little nervous about what it would be like settling back in and coming in as captain.

“What did alleviate some of that was knowing that I would be co-captain with Demi because she is just a gem,” she said.

“She does a lot for the club and it’s almost like a second job for her as well as being a player so I want to make sure I can support her as much as possible as well.

“It has settled me a little bit knowing I’m going into it with Demi and the rest of the leadership group is amazing as well.”

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