Outlaws captain David Kudla leaving his team’s defensive zone in their game against the Wheatkings. Picture: Cassandra Edwards

Wednesday night rivalry heats up rink

The Perth Summer League is a nine-team ice hockey competition held at Perth Ice Arena in Malaga.
November 2, 2023
James Versluis

THE Perth Summer Ice Hockey League Wednesday night rivalry saw the Beavers defeat the Wolves 9-4 while the Outlaws beat the Wheatkings 5-2.

The Beavers started a man down against the Wolves, after being dealt a minor penalty for delay of game.

Undeterred, the Beavers immediately gave themselves a two-goal lead through the hard work of Gary O’Dea, Gordon Hart, and Kevin Crook, putting the Wolves firmly on their heels.

The Wolves found the back of the net late in the first period, with an uncontested Finlay Gordon slotting it past the keeper, to make it a 2-1 game.

After a brief slump at the start of the second, the Beavers solidified their lead, going on to win the game.

The Outlaws put the Wheatkings firmly on notice in the first period, with Declan Treacy, Roan Spence and Ryan Smyth scoring three unanswered goals.

The Wheatkings found a bit of form in the second, cutting the Outlaws lead down to just one – partly thanks to a fantastic tip-in from Caleb Yeardly.

After a goalless second, the Outlaws stormed home to take the victory, winning 5-2.

For the uninitiated, the Perth Summer League (PSL) is a nine-team ice hockey league that takes place at Perth Ice Arena in Malaga on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings.

It’s a draft league – meaning that year-on-year each team is largely comprised of different players.

The Perth Summer League runs until March.

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