Jason Potter originally wanted to complete the over 4000km ride in 2019 but COVID-19 delayed his plans.

4000km for multiple sclerosis research

Jason Potter grew up in Forrestfield and has a personal reason behind the ride as his mother has MS.
October 12, 2023

“THE struggle that I’m going to go through is nothing compared to what people with MS go through on a daily basis,” says Jason Potter, who is going to ride a bicycle from Sydney to Perth to raise money for multiple sclerosis research.

Mr Potter, 48, grew up in Forrestfield but is now based in Melbourne, and has a personal reason behind the ride – his mother, Marilyn Potter, has MS.

Marilyn Potter said she was diagnosed with MS in early 2017 and said that this is not the first ride he has completed to raise money for MS research.

“Jason has flown over to ride in the yearly November MS Ocean Ride from Fremantle to Hillarys to help raise funds for MS research,” she said.

“(He) has over the years ridden the Alps in France and Italy and taken the Peak Challenge at Falls Creek (235kms in a day) three times.”

Mr Potter said supporting MS was close to his heart, and originally wanted to complete the over 4000km ride in 2019 before covid delayed his plans.

“I didn’t want to ride across the country and then get to the WA border and not be allowed in – that would be mildly disappointing” he laughs.

Mr Potter said he plans on taking the ride day by day and is treating it as lots of little rides over the four weeks has planned.

“I’m doing it reasonably conservative, some people do it and they race across the country,” he said.

Mr Potter said once he makes it to Perth, he won’t be finished riding either – he’s also planning on completing another 120kms for the 2023 MSWA Ocean Ride from Fremantle to Hillarys.

But he said once he sees the city skyline from the top of Great Eastern Highway, he would know he’s finally made it home.

“When you’re coming from the east coast down Great Eastern Highway, you get that the beautiful view – that’s going to be quite something, at that point in time,” he said.

“After riding all that distance and seeing Perth, I’ll know I’m home then.”   

Mr Potter hopes to raise $100,000 for MS research. Those wanting to donate can do so at ocean2oceanride4ms.com.

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