$5 million committed for green hydrogen project

Green hydrogen is expected to be the most cost-competitive low-carbon solution for medium and heavy-duty transport.
July 27, 2023

NORTHAM is set to be home to one of the first end-to-end green hydrogen production systems in Western Australia, aimed at supplying the domestic transport market.

The system, dubbed the MEG HP1 Hydrogen project, will be built in partnership by Infinite Green Energy, Korean Samsung C&T and Doral Energy Group with $5 million support from the state government’s investment attraction fund.

Funding will go towards two 5MW electrolysers to establish a hydrogen production eco-system, hydrogen storage compression technology and general construction.

Green hydrogen produced by the project aims to be a cost competitive, environmentally friendly alternative to other forms of transportation fuels such as diesel.

Once operational, the project is expected to produce around 4 tonnes of hydrogen each day, for use in back to base and heavy transport operations, including garbage collection trucks.

The first production of hydrogen is expected in late 2024 and will utilise an already existing 11MW solar farm.

The project is expected to be part of WA’s transition to a net zero economy, and with the first green hydrogen production expected in early 2025 it is aiming to be one of the first in the state to deliver commercial-scale green hydrogen.

It will also include a loading terminal for trucks to supply local operations, enabling IGE to contribute to the development of the Zero Emissions Highway.

With offtake MOUs in place and binding contracts under negotiation, it is expected that green hydrogen produced will be partially consumed by WA-based waste management companies for use in back-to-base refuse collection and fleet vehicles proximate to the project.

Green hydrogen is expected to be the most cost-competitive low-carbon solution for medium and heavy-duty transport.

Hydrogen Industry Minister Bill Johnston said the $5m investment would help Infinite Green Energy establish Western Australia’s first renewable green hydrogen production system.

“This is an important step to help kickstart the development of an end-user market for locally produced green hydrogen,” Mr Johnston said.

“The construction, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of the MEG HP1 Hydrogen project is expected to create over 100 jobs and help decarbonise the state’s economy.”

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