The idea of forming a choir was led by Mabel Freind who realised many of her fellow residents were music lovers.

Call for a volunteer pianist to lead seniors’ choir

Seniors in Baptistcare Morrison Gardens Residential Care have reached hurdle getting their choir running and are calling for help from the community.
August 31, 2023

IF you’re a talented pianist, with an hour a week to spare, there’s a group of senior songbirds in Midland who would love to hear from you.

They’re all residents at Baptistcare Morrison Gardens Residential Care and the only thing stopping them from achieving their choral dreams is a musically talented volunteer to play the facility’s Squire and Longson piano.

Embracing the joy of music by forming a choir was a suggestion from 86-year-old Mabel Freind, who moved into Baptistcare Morrison Gardens last year.

The former Salvation Army conductor quickly realised many of her fellow residents were music lovers and thought a choir would be a great addition to the weekly activities in her new home.

But although there is plenty of enthusiasm for the initiative among the singing seniors, there isn’t anyone that can accompany the group on the piano.

Music has always been a part of Mrs Freind’s life, from the time she first started playing piano at the age of 10.

Following in the footsteps of her father, who was a bandmaster in the Salvation Army Band in Northam, she was encouraged to start lessons, so she could play for their local church.

Mabel went on to fall in love and marry a musical man.

Her husband Allan grew up playing the tuba, before performing in the Uniting Church Choir and singing bass in a barbershop quartet.

However, with arthritis now making playing the piano challenging, Mabel shares her love of music through conducting.

“Starting a choir will be a great way for people to connect with one another, and it’s something everyone can enjoy, no matter their musical ability,” Mrs Freind said.

Baptistcare Morrison Gardens lifestyle coordinator Lindie Bearfoot said music was an important part of life at Morrison Gardens and visiting entertainers were always a big hit among the residents.

“To have a choir that we can make a consistent part of our residents’ week would bring so much joy and connection to everyone,” she said.

“Finding someone who can bring the ivories of our grand old dame to life, would be amazing and an incredibly special gift to our seniors here at Morrison Gardens.’’

While Mrs Freinds’s favourite artists are Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby, residents enjoy an eclectic range of music including marching bands, gospel, country and jazz.

If you can give the gift of music and time to the Baptistcare Morrison Gardens choir, please contact Lindie at or call Morrison Gardens on 9250 0400.

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