Staff member Rhiannon Collins and head chef Jasmin Maher at the new community kitchen.

Community kitchen opens in foothills

A new community kitchen in High Wycombe is hoping to help parents too busy to cook by offering them affordable meal options.
August 10, 2023

HIGH Wycombe is now home to a new community kitchen which sets to offer parents healthy meals for their kids on nights when they are too busy to cook.

Head chef Jasmin Maher said the kitchen’s main purpose was helping time-starved parents provide healthy meals to their kids at affordable prices.

“Our main thing is making the transitions smooth from home to day care to work.

“A lot of parents are picking their children up at five or six o’clock at night and it’s a long day for the parents and it’s a long day for the kids, and we want them to go home and spend time together as a family.

“So instead of having to go home and cook, we provide healthy meal options that are way cheaper than fast food,” Mrs Maher said.

She said the main driver behind the community kitchen was not profit but instead being able to support families in need, and said the kitchen also plans to organise free ice cream days once a month on Sundays as well.

Owner Marisha Chadd said the kitchen also caters to local school canteens and has partnered with junction ice creamery to run the free ice cream Sundays.

“Our long-term vision is to be a community kitchen that does sell products for the community, but also has freebies where family members can come down together and grab a junction ice cream, a free sandwich, a free coffee and just bring people together,” she said. 

Mrs Chadd said anyone who wants to order food should use the Flexischools app or message the kitchen on facebook. The kitchen is open 6am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

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