Darlington Hall celebrates centenary

Darlington Hall bought about its century with maypole dancing, skits and a ceremonial cake being cut.
September 14, 2023

THE Darlington Hall centenary celebration was a memorable mix of historical elements and enjoyable activities including home videos from the 1940s and 50s and maypole dancing.

Darlington History Group (DHG) member Lyn Myles said the fortunate weather and the connections to the past made it a special occasion, similar to the ideal conditions under which the hall was opened a century ago.

The Welcome to Country was given by Noongar Aboriginal leader Shaun Nannup with the gesture a meaningful acknowledgment of the Indigenous heritage and presence in the Darlington area.

Home videos from the Gare families dating back to the 1940s and 50s were showcased, offering a glimpse into the past.

Performances at the event included a skit from the 1970s P&C Cabaret night presented by Sally Herzfeld, her sister Susan Dauth and the Darlington Primary School choir conductor.

The ceremonial cake cutting was carried out by three octogenarian school friends: Sally Herzfeld (nee Gare) and twins Delys Colquhoun and Helen McRae (nee Williams).

The afternoon tea was provided by the Mundaring Rotary Club of whom one member is also a member of the Darlington History Group.

After all the formalities and with such wonderful weather Mrs Herzfeld moved the event outside to instruct old and young into the joys of maypole dancing.

Photographer Michelle Jacks captured the day’s events, and the resulting photos will become a valuable addition to the DHG archives.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to obtain copies of the photos.

Two interesting displays were also featured.

Mrs Herzfeld presented a tapestry created by her friend and fellow Quaker Molly Skinner, depicting the view from Miss Skinner’s home in Darlington (Miss Skinner co-wrote a book with author DH Lawrence).

Another display involved Gary Pilmoor sharing a piece of colourful green and orange striped canvas fabric from the outdoor picture theatre’s deck chairs.

This theatre, initially run by the Younger Set in the 1950s, had a significant role in the community until television became more popular.

Darlington Cellar was turned into a hall in 1923 and celebrated its centenary on Friday, August 18 with the Darlington community celebrating the milestone on August 19 in the hall complex.

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