The cutting of the cake was undertaken by Derek Townsend, Jan Burgess, Jacqui Harper, Carole Littlechild, Carole McMahon, Alan Harper and Rob McMahon.

Kalamunda Bridge Club celebrates 50 years

The clubhouse, in Gooseberry Hill, was built in 1981 making the Kalamunda club the second bridge club in Australia to have its own clubhouse.
October 26, 2023

AFTER a Covid delay, the Kalamunda Bridge Club has finally celebrated its belated 50-year anniversary, with members marking the occasion the way they know best – with a game of bridge, dinner and cake.   

The anniversary event was held on September 30 and was attended by more than 100 members, both past and present.

City of Kalamunda Mayor Margaret Thomas,  Bridge Association of Western Australia president Ian Clarke and association secretary Robina McConnell were also in attendance.

Kalamunda Bridge Club dates back to 1969, when bridge enthusiast Mike Hopper was approached by a fellow bridge lover who urged him to start a club in Kalamunda.

It was on September 30, 1970 when the club was officially formed but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they opted to wait until this year to celebrate the 50th.

Attendees on the day played bridge on one of 22 tables set up, which allowed 88 bridge enthusiasts a seat on the day.

Club treasurer Mrs Sayer said attendees had to book in advance as there was so much demand for the day.

Once the bridge wrapped up, nibbles and wine were shared by all as the whole hall turned into a social gathering.

Afterwards, there was a trip down memory lane as photos and videos from former members were shown, with some of whom are now in the eastern states sending personal messages of congratulations.

Mrs Sayer also made a collage of historical moments, achievements and memories from each decade which were on display throughout the event.

One hundred people turned up for the celebratory dinner, with the anniversary cake enjoyed by attendees.

For the first decade of the club’s life, members were without a home and bounced around numerous venues, including a church hall and even the Kalamunda High School for a time.

Mrs Sayer said there are members from back in the 1970s who are still active in the club.

The Ledger Road clubhouse, in Gooseberry Hill, was built by members in 1981, making the Kalamunda club the second bridge club in Australia to have its own clubhouse, and after that membership boomed.

The club runs sessions on Monday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday and Saturday and invites anyone to come down.

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