Mr Ward at the corner of Eric Street and Stirling Crescent, Hazelmere.

Mobility complaints over footpaths

The quality of footpaths around Midland are a hazard to people with disabilities, according to one disabled pensioner from Hazelmere.
August 10, 2023
Mike Peeters

DISABLED pensioner Patrick Ward (79) of Hazelmere has been complaining about the footpaths around his house for years now and says he is still unhappy with the state of them.

“I have lived in Hazelmere for nearly 35 years and throughout that time, the thoroughfares and footpaths have continued to deteriorate,” Mr Ward said.

“This is despite contacting the City of Swan in recent years to try and get something done.”

He is particularly concerned about the pavements on Christina Street and Stirling Crescent, Hazelmere where some of the footpaths are in his opinion, “bloody terrible”.

“The finishing on the lips of the concrete where it meets the driveways is very often shoddy and I have turned my disability scooter over when driving over them on at least one occasion,” he said.

“Coming from a roadworking and kerbing background, I believe bitumen is a much better material for footpaths and driveways, and there should also be more inspections carried out to ensure their safety.”

Mr Ward worked up in WA’s Pilbara region for Bell Brothers in 1966 and later for Hamersley Iron, before buying his Hazelmere property in the early 1990s.

His leg was amputated 10 years ago after a vascular problem.

He said Hazelmere was not the only area where disability access and transportation was a problem.

“I believe Midland Centrepoint is also particularly bad, with poor access and amenities for people with disabilities,” he said.

City of Swan acting chief executive officer Meriel Pickering said the city inspected footpaths as part of an annual program to ensure their safety and suitability.

“However, community members may identify defects before these inspections occur,” she said.

“Residents can contact the city if they identify infrastructure issues in their local community.

“The Snap Send Solve app is a highly effective tool for addressing these issues.”

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