Constable Pomroy and RSPCA WA chair Lynne Bradshaw.

Northam policeman wins bravery award

Bullsbrook VFES and a Northam constable have won at this year's RSPCA animal welfare awards.
October 19, 2023

A NORTHAM Police Constable has received the Gold Humane Award at this year’s RSPCA animal welfare Awards for saving a dog’s life in August last year.

The humane award’s purpose is to celebrate a true display of bravery in rescuing an animal, but Constable John Pomroy said he was just doing his job when he rescued a bull mastiff from flood waters.

“It wasn’t just me that was there, I was working with my partner and it was both of our ideas, it was just me who did the carrying,” he said.

Constable Pomroy was still on probation and had only been on the force for about a year when he and fellow officer Senior Constable Allen Cullen arrived at rising flood waters on Katrine Road, in the suburb of Katrine, roughly 75kms northeast of Midland.

The two officers found the elderly owner of a submerged car unable to remove his dog called Max who had become trapped in the vehicle, and worried the flood waters would carry the car away with Max in it, the pair jumped into action.

The officers braved the water to rescue Max who wouldn’t exit the vehicle on his own and had to be carried by Constable Pomroy to safety.

Constable Pomroy, who finished his probationary period almost six months ago, said he didn’t expect anything, but after being put forward by the Police Force for the award, said it was nice to get some external recognition.

Over a year on and Constable Pomroy said he gets reminded every week of the incident as Max guards the area next to where he fuels up.

“I’d like to think he remembers me, he doesn’t bark at me when I’m filling up my fuel” he said.

The Bronze Humane Award was also awarded to the Bullsbrook Volunteer Fire and Emergency Service brigade for rescuing a small horse that had fallen into a concrete pipe filled with water back in March.

Bullsbrook VFES captain Brian Davis said it was humbling for the brigade to receive the award amongst all the other winners.

“It’s just something we do, as a brigade we do more than just fire, we rescue animals and anything that needs to be done for the community.

“Most volunteer groups would do what we do, I don’t think we are any more special than any other volunteer group. The award, we see it as on behalf of all volunteers that do anything for the community,” he said.

The Bullsbrook VFES have scheduled a community forum and open day this Saturday, October 21, at the station located on Maroubra Ave in Bullsbrook.

The awards were drawn Wednesday, October 4.

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