Michael Ward will be the final act for the festival’s headlining concert.

Perth HiIls spring festival

Kalamunda is set to come alive when the Live Music Spring Festival kicks off October 27.
October 12, 2023
Andrew Williams

MUSICIANS young and old are coming together at the end of October for the second annual Live Music Spring Festival in the Perth Hills at the Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre’s historic Agricultural Hall.

Hosted by the Perth Hills Local Music Association, the two-day event will start on Friday, October 27, and will feature four unique local bands: Kalamunda Youth Swing Band Junior Band, Burnt Pearl, Lakefield Temple and Liquid Hearts.

Day two of the festival, Saturday October 28, will start off with music industry workshops from 9am – 12pm presented by PHLMA president Bruce Van Blommestein, and independent artists Matt Cal and Michael Ward, who will be covering live-mixing, pre-production sound and how to successfully gig as a musician.

Founder and president Bruce Van Blommestein said the hills community wants top performances and they get them but, believes there is a dearth of venues that are available to budding musicians.

“One of the main aims of the association is to share expertise and help up and coming musicians to progress,” he said.

“Live performance to a crowd is difficult to make happen and once you do the skills aren’t there. They need to be practiced, and the opportunity needs to be there to practice and that’s what we are trying to provide.”

Acoustic and orchestral workshops will be on offer at the same time as the industry workshops and will be followed by a classical, vocal, orchestral and acoustic concert from 1pm – 5pm featuring performances including Kalamunda Sing, Trilogy acoustic trio, Tutti Flute, Northern Lights Music WA and Enchanted Bells.

The festival’s final concert commences at 6pm features Bird Girl, and workshop presenters Matt Cal and Michael Ward.

Tickets are available here.  

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