A view of the current tower from Canning Road. Picture: Gera Kazakov

Reception upgrade approved 

Upgrades to the existing telecommunications infrastructure are designed to minimise visual impact.
August 24, 2023
Gera Kazakov

THE Metro Outer joint development assessment panel has approved a $2.54 million upgrade for TX (Australia) to install additional equipment on existing infrastructure to better facilitate ABC radio at their Welshpool Road East site in Carmel.

The works listed to be undertaken in the responsible authority report (RAR), prepared for the Western Australian Planning Commission by Evolution Planning, include installing a FM antenna array of 48 panels mounted on the existing tower, a satellite dish at ground level, two 2.4m diameter dishes and a new building which can be used for storage or as a workspace.

The RAR said “the proposal will facilitate the conversion of existing ABC radio broadcasting services from AM to FM and will remove existing reception difficulties being experienced by the community,” with JDAP minutes showing that the City of Kalamunda supports the proposal.

It is proposed, through the RAR, that upgrades to the existing telecommunications infrastructure are designed to minimise visual impact and will not be prominently visible from significant viewing locations.

The approval on June 12 was made with the condition that it is only valid for a period of four years after approval and if substantial work has not been completed on the project by that date planning approval will be revoked.

Advice notes state that the approval is not a building permit or an approval to commence or carry out development under any other law, and said it is the proponent’s responsibility to comply with all other applicable legislation alongside obtaining all required approvals, licenses and permits before undertaking the development, and also states that the proponent must consult with relevant agencies if a clearing permit is required.

The WAPC, TX Australia, Evolution Planning and the City of Kalamunda were contacted for comment.

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