Kalamunda Ukulele Collective leader Kevin Chennell with Dr Sam Muir, who will be in Kalamunda soon.

Star ukulele artist will visit Kalamunda

Sam Muir will be coming home to Kalamunda to perform classical music on the ukulele in a solo concert to be held in the suburb.
August 17, 2023

KALAMUNDA is set to host Samantha Muir for a solo concert at the Kalamunda Community Learning Centre on September 16.

Dr Muir is a classically trained guitarist and ukulele virtuoso with a passion for performing classical music on both the ukulele and the machete – a forerunner to the modern ukulele hailing from Madeira, Portugal.

Playing music from composers including Bach, Vivaldi, Carulli as well as folk pieces including Fields of Athenry and Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now, Dr Muir will also hold three fingerstyle ukulele workshops at the Kalamunda Community Learning Centre on September 16 and 17 while in town.

Dr Muir grew up in the hills and went to school in both Kalamunda and Walliston. She now resides in the UK and holds a PHD from the University of Surrey on the ukulele and its place in classical music, and frequently tours internationally, with her last WA tour in 2019.

Dr Muir said despite being born in England she is an avid supporter of the Australian cricket team.

“My family moved from England in 1972 and settled in Kalamunda. Although I was the pale pommy kid at school, I soon became an ardent supporter of the Australian cricket team,” she said.

Dr Muir said it was at Kalamunda where she got her musical start, learning to play the guitar with Mr Thomas.

“My first lesson was a complete disaster and the worst day of my life! I was completely overwhelmed by the music notation, not to mention the technical demands of the instrument,” she said.

But, Dr Muir said she stuck at it and with hard work she had now mastered the instrument.

Kalamunda Ukulele Collective leader Kevin Chennell said he was incredibly excited to have Dr Muir come back to Kalamunda.

“Sam is highly skilled, approachable and a lot of fun and we expect to learn a lot from her about ukulele technique, and we are really looking forward to hearing her play solo at her concert.

“She really is a sublime musician, and this workshop and concert series will be bringing Sam “home” to Kalamunda!” he said.

Tickets for the event can be found here.

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