The York landfill has been an idea that has met resistance time and time again.

York tip findings soon: Minister

Minister Reece Whitby says he expects to receive committee findings over York landfill concerns soon.
April 24, 2024
Peter W Lewis

ENVIRONMENT Minister Reece Whitby has dodged claims made by Barladong Noongar Elder Dr Marion Kickett that local Indigenous groups have not been properly consulted over the planned landfill at Allawuna Farm, near York.

When asked by The Echo for a response to the Traditional Owners group’s claims the Minister said he had appointed a committee to investigate the 82 valid appeals to the proposed Great Southern Landfill at Allawuna Farm on his behalf, and provide its findings to him.

“My expectation is I will receive those findings soon,” Minister Whitby said.

“Given my decision-making role, it is not appropriate for me to comment any further on this proposal,” he said.

“Further questions about consultation are a matter for Alkina Holdings.”

While the Minister has confirmed he expects the findings of the committee soon, his office said a concrete timeframe for the announcement of a decision is still yet to be made.

Dr Kickett represents some of the descendants and grandchildren of Thomas Kickett Junior and his wife Josephine Blurton, formally of the York reserve.

In Barladong Elders say ‘We don’t want a tip’ Dr Kickett said: “To us this proposal is disturbing our sacred areas, you wouldn’t place a tip on a cemetery would you?.”

She said she was currently taking steps to get the heritage site listed.

At the conclusion of the appeals process consultation is then expected with the planning and water ministers.

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