Mechelle Turvey with Cassius’ uncle Roger Turvey and school friend Shiloh. Picture: Andrew Williams

Cassius is Forever 15

A remembrance plaque for Cassius Turvey unveiled on his favourite day of the year at Weeip Park in Midland.
November 2, 2023
Anita McInnes & Andrew Williams

A REFLECTION or remembrance space not only of her son, but also an inspiration for other young children, is how Cassius Turvey’s mother Mechelle likes to remember the memorial unveiled in Midland on Tuesday.

The remembrance plaque depicts 15 qualities that Cassius embodied and wording put together by her niece Rachel and her daughter, (Mrs Turvey’s granddaughter) Sharlise who went and sat in the area and thought about the concept.

She said it was really important that not everything was about Cassius, so the wording on the plaque was a message to all other children that in the 15 short years that Cassius lived they too could have those qualities, if they didn’t already have them.

The 15 qualities are sharing, sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, respectful, courageous, confident, teamwork, encouraging, kind, loyal, leadership, empowering, integrity, trustful, responsible and supportive.

Mrs Turvey highlighted the impact Cassius had with his friends and his family, especially the old people with his respect values while he was living and the impact he was still having on them.

“He would go to the old nanas, and he’d hug them while the other kids stayed back, he would go to the pops and shake their hands. He wouldn’t run away, he would stay there and he would yarn. That’s how Cassius learnt how to be respectful, that’s how he learnt his culture.

“I carry everything for Cassius now – I wish I didn’t have to but I live for him now and the fact is he’d be really proud of me doing what I’m doing to help other people.

“He had a saying ‘mum’s on a mission’.

“It’s been pretty full on for the past year but I would do anything for my son.’’

She outlined why she chose Weeip Park for the remembrance plaque.

“Pretty much most nights and in between here and the Swan City Youth Service they’d come and throw some hoops here and get home very late at night, so that’s why I’ve chosen this area because it’s not just somewhere Cassius used to venture to but also his friends as well.’’

The cloth used to veil the memorial was created by Cassius’ friends from Swan View Senior High School, where he attended.

The unveiling was held on October 31 as Halloween was Cassius’ favourite day of the year.

“Christmas and birthdays were a little bit okay but I think for Halloween he just loved getting out to the houses, meeting other kids as well – I think he just liked stepping out into the community and getting a hell of a lot of lollies.”

Mrs Turvey finished  addressing the crowd at the memorial by thanking friends, family and the wider community for their support.

“People come and say sorry for your loss and I just whisper in their ear gently, ‘he was everyone’s loss’,” she said.

The Cassius Turvey memorial was created by his family and the City of Swan as a space where young people can gather to remember Cassius and reflect on the extraordinary impact he had on people's lives.

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