Cassius’ mother leads new victim engagement program

THE police will work closely with Mechelle Turvey to implement new victim engagement training for recruits and serving officers.
August 31, 2023

THE WA Police Force will work closely with Mechelle Turvey to implement new victim engagement training for new recruits and serving officers.
In October 2022, Ms Turvey tragically lost her son Cassius, following a violent attack which shocked the nation.
As both a mother and a community leader, Ms Turvey showed exceptional strength in a time of unimaginable personal grief. Her training session – titled ‘Take 5’ – provides a greater insight into the needs of victims of crime.
WA Police Commissioner Col Blanch said caring for victims and showing them respect, was a fundamental consideration for police.
“Mechelle is one of the bravest and most selfless people I have ever met and I thank her for showing us all what police and the community can accomplish when we work together, for proving that good can come out of even the most unimaginable tragedy, if we are brave enough and committed enough to make it happen,” Mr Blanch said.
Ms Turvey said she had never been quiet on matters that stir her heart, and she had chosen not to hate but to make differences for others through her life experiences.
“I was not happy with some police actions and lack of care shown in traumatic times, after my son Cassius was subjected to senseless violence and later died. So, when Commissioner Blanch asked if I would like to address my concerns as a victim of crime training new recruits, I said yes.
“I have titled the training session ‘Take 5’ as it only takes either five seconds or minutes to genuinely show you honestly care rather than just ticking boxes to do your job.
Detective Senior Sergeant Stephen Cleal of homicide has been an immense support to all my family.
“My family were present to support me at the first session. I know Cassius is proud of me, he had a saying that builds my daily resilience ‘Lookout … Mum is on a mission’,” Ms Turvey said.

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