Collective Design Agency - Fostering a more connected and accessible future 

Keira Nicholson and Collective Design Agency embrace a community-centric ethos.
November 30, 2023

Keira Nicholson and Collective Design Agency, seasoned registered building designers with 16 years of experience, recently clinched the Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Enterprise of the Year award.

Keira said she was genuinely surprised by the honour, and was humbled by the acknowledgement.

This local small business, a finalist in 10 categories, embraces a community-centric ethos.

Keira envisions a future tightly interwoven with community collaborations, aiming to assist small business owners and contribute to accessible home designs for various lifestyle needs and life changes.

The accolade is not just a recognition of past achievements but a catalyst for future endeavours that promise to elevate the standards of design, planning consulting, and community engagement.

Keira Nicholson and Collective Design Agency are not just designers; they are committed to fostering a more connected and accessible future.

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