Mechelle Turvey and her sister Robyn Corbett hold a photo frame of the Middle Swan Primary students who raised more than $2000 to support Cassius’ family.

Memorial for Cassius under discussion

July 12, 2023
Morgan de Smidt

Published Echo News December 16, 2022

PLANS for a commemorative space in Midland’s Weeip Park to remember the life of Noongar-Yamatji boy Cassius Turvey are in discussion.
City of Swan councillor Cate McCullough has put forward a notice of motion which was due to be discussed by the council on Wednesday, December 14 but was adjourned until the next day.
“A memorial will stand as a reminder of Cassius Turvey: an emerging, inspiring and gentle leader who even in his short life, has left a significant legacy in our communities, across our nation and the world,” Cr McCullough said.
Cassius’ mother Mechelle Turvey said she would be honoured for the council to back her commitment to keeping her late son’s memory alive.
“It makes me, my family and Cassius’ peers feel more part of the community, there is something for everyone,” she said.
“What I’m trying to do as a mum and as a wife of my late husband is to get that legacy going forever and children can adapt that legacy as well.”
Ms Turvey said selecting Weeip Park as a memorial site for Cassius, where he spent four nights a week playing basketball, would allow his family and friends to reflect on treasured memories and strengthen the community.
“It’s not just about Cassius’ family and friends coming to this space, it’s about everyone as a community coming to this space and having ownership within the community, I want it to be empowering to other people as well.”
If the memorial goes ahead Ms Turvey hopes to engage a young local poet as well as local artist Jade Dolman, who designed Cassius’ coffin to create the reflective space.
“I would like to work with a young poet on some inspirational words with a focus on leadership and Kids Matter,” she said.
“To let kids know this is where you play, where you can come when you’re feeling down or you’re struggling at school or home, whatever it may be this is a space you can come to, shoot some hoops, have a look at the reflective space and think of Cassius.”
As she continues to brainstorm concepts for the space Ms Turvey has been working with the City behind the scenes to give teenagers and young adults a platform to share their concerns through her vision the Kids Matter Program.
“I want to set up a steering committee where teens are on there as well so they have a voice.
“I would like for any teenagers that are willing to sit around the table and give their views of what is required, and what they do or don’t want to email me directly.”
Providing children of all ages with an opportunity to enter positions of leadership is at the heart of Ms Turvey’s quest to support young people.
This week she attended Middle Swan Primary School to accept a donation of more than $2000 for her family, surprising students in the process.
“I said I cannot accept this money and I turned around to the children and gave the money back to the school to buy sporting equipment, as long as they can pick those items out.
“Now they will have a committee with the children to figure out what equipment they need so that leadership continues.”
To submit an expression of interest into the steering committee email kidsmatterpro

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