North Stoneville decision closer

A March 8 directions hearing at the State Administrative Tribunal is the next stage in the saga.
February 8, 2024
Anita McInnes

ON February 2 the State Administrative Tribunal granted orders for the amended North Stoneville structure plan 34 to be listed for a directions hearing on March 8.

The Department of Planning said it was likely on that date that the tribunal would start scheduling the matter towards a final hearing for a decision about the amended structure plan.

In ‘North Stoneville row not over until Satterley walks’ (Echo News, December 15) reported that although the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) had again rejected the amended structure plan at its December 7 meeting, the disagreement between Satterley and the WAPC was headed back to SAT in 2024 unless the developer and the landowner walked away from the development.

In a statement on December 22 Shire of Mundaring President Paige McNeil, who is a former Save Perth Hills chair, said the December 7 decision was the latest in a series of refusals for the planning application.

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