A proposed intersection modification included in Satterley’s revised transport impact statement for North Stoneville SP 34.

Swan says no to North Stoneville amendment

July 13, 2023
Anita McInnes

Published Echo News June 9, 2023

THE City of Swan includes concerns about having to contribute to road upgrades and the extent and sequence of changes proposed to the road network among reasons why it cannot support the amended North Stoneville SP 34 proposal.
Swan councillors voted unanimously to advise the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) the amendment put forward by Satterley Property Group could not be supported because the application did not provide any confirmation that the city would not be required to contribute towards roads, infrastructure or other upgrades required within the city’s municipal jurisdiction for the development to proceed.
A motion moved by councillor Aaron Bowman and seconded by councillor Cate McCullough in May said the application also included ambiguities regarding the extent and sequencing of changes proposed to the road network which could have further implications for the city in relation to the impact of road or infrastructure upgrades.
The officer’s report for the May council meeting said a number of upgrades were proposed for the amended structure plan with those in the city’s boundaries including construction of the missing portion (~210m) of road between Hawkstone Street and Woolhouse Lane (previously known as Cameron Road) and their intersections.
Also included are upgrades to the intersection with Toodyay Road at Roland Road and Stoneville Road.
“Main Roads WA has jurisdiction to comment on the suitability of upgrades at Toodyay Road-future EastLink,’’ the officer’s report says.
“Preliminary review of the anticipated traffic volumes relative along Hawkstone Street and Woolhouse Lane (once connected) and Roland Road-Stoneville Road indicates that they would operate within acceptable technical tolerances.
“But there may be local amenity concerns with an overall increase in traffic.’’
Intersection upgrades within the Shire of Mundaring include Great Eastern Highway and Seaborne Street, Roland Road and Stoneville Road.
The North Stoneville revised transport impact statement mentions a number of road and intersection proposals including a proposed Hawkstone Road and Cameron Road connection.
“It is understood that the current disconnection between Hawkstone Road and Cameron Road will be addressed in the future and prior to 2031 so that two roads form a continuous east-west link providing convenient and legible connection between Roland Road and Stoneville Road along the northern LSP boundary,’’ the revised transport impact statement said.
Another is a proposed Great Eastern Highway and Seaborne Street intersection upgrade concept, which the revised transport impact statement said would require upgrades before 2031 assuming EastLink had not been constructed by that point.
“The upgrade is required to improve the current capacity and operation of this intersection under normal traffic activities and in particular in case of bushfire emergencies prior to implementation of EastLink in 2031 and beyond.’’
According to Main Roads WA EastLink will provide a safer, more efficient route between Perth and Northam, to cater for a future increase in regional and interstate freight movement and projected growth in local population.
But there is currently no funding for the construction of the highway between Middle Swan and Northam.

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