Zanthorrea - excellence in sustainability

Ross and Jackie from Zanthorrea Nursery were happy to be awarded the Excellence in Sustainability Award
November 30, 2023

At the recent KCC Outstanding Enterprise Awards night, Ross and Jackie were delighted to receive the Excellence in Sustainability Award for Zanthorrea Nursery.

An award special to us as it is an integral part of our business philosophy.

So how does Zanthorrea aim to be more Sustainable?

We believe our cities need more plants to help support a healthy community and eco system, so we encourage urban greening.

We advocate for low fertiliser and chemical usage as well as responsible plant choices.

All onsite vehicles and tools are powered by batteries to reduce emissions and noise pollution.

Our water is all collected, filtered and used on our botanical gardens, reducing our demand on scheme water.

Our power comes from the sun thanks to 54 solar panels.

We have further plans to install a large battery backup system, allowing us to operate when there is no sun or grid power.

We believe we can all help to be a part of a sustainable future where we can live a healthy life surrounded by plants and nature.

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